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Fitness Singles Review: Is It a Good Choice for Online Dating in 2023?

Are you looking for love and in need of a workout buddy? Well, look no further than Fitness Singles! This dating site is designed to help those who are passionate about fitness find their perfect match. But does it really work? Is this the right platform for your romantic needs or should you just stick with traditional methods of finding someone special? Read on to find out what we thought after trying out Fitness Singles – spoiler alert: we were pleasantly surprised!


Fitness Singles is like the average Joe of dating sites. It’s not bad, but it’s nothing to write home about either. Sure, if you’re looking for someone who shares your love of fitness and exercise then this could be a great spot for you – but don’t expect any miracles! You’ll still have to put in some effort and get creative with your messages if you want to find success here. All-in-all though, Fitness Singles isn’t too shabby – so why not give it a try?

Fitness Singles in 10 seconds

  • Fitness Singles is an online dating site specifically for people who are interested in fitness and an active lifestyle.
  • The matching algorithm takes into account your interests, location, age, and other factors to suggest compatible matches.
  • Fitness Singles offers a variety of pricing options, including monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions.
  • Monthly subscription prices range from $29.99 to $39.99, depending on the length of the subscription.
  • Fitness Singles has an app available for both iOS and Android devices.
  • Prices for Fitness Singles are competitive with similar sites on the market.
  • Fitness Singles offers secure communication tools and detailed profile privacy settings.
  • Members can upload up to 26 photos to their profiles.
  • Fitness Singles provides access to advanced search filters, such as body type, ethnicity, and religion.
  • Members can also use the “Favorites” feature to keep track of their favorite profiles.

Pros & Cons

  • It’s easy to find someone who shares your passion for fitness.
  • You can search by specific workout interests and goals.
  • The site is secure, so you know your data is safe.
  • Limited search filters make it difficult to find the right match.
  • Profiles are not very detailed, making it hard to get a good sense of someone’s personality.
  • Messaging is only available for paid members, so you can’t test out potential matches before committing financially.

How we reviewed Fitness Singles

As an online dating expert, I took a deep dive into reviewing Fitness Singles. To get the full experience of this site, my team and I tested both free and paid versions. We sent messages to other users – over 200 in total! It took us several days to complete our review process but we were committed to getting it right so that readers can trust our reviews.

We also made sure that all features on the website worked properly before writing up any conclusions about its usability or effectiveness as a dating platform. Additionally, we thoroughly read through user profiles and looked at different types of communication options available on Fitness Singles such as private messaging, chat rooms etc., making sure they are easy-to-use for everyone who visits their page. Lastly (but not least!), we checked out how secure is this site by verifying if there’s encryption technology implemented which would protect members’ data from being exposed outside of the website’s server – thankfully everything was safe here too!

By taking these extra steps during our review process for Fitness Singles, you can be confident knowing that you’re reading an honest opinion backed by real research instead of just another surface level overview like some other sites offer nowadays when it comes down to giving advice about online dating platforms

Mobile App

Ah, Fitness Singles. The dating site for the fitness-minded! If you’re looking to find someone who loves working out as much as you do, this is definitely a great place to start your search. But one thing I get asked about all the time when it comes to Fitness Singles is whether or not they have an app – and unfortunately, that answer has been “no” up until now.

That being said though, there are some rumors floating around that a mobile version of Fitness Singles might be in development soon – which would be awesome news for those of us hoping to take our online workout buddy searches on the go! And while we don’t know exactly what features such an app could include yet (or even if it’s true!), here are just a few ideas:

  • A GPS locator so users can easily connect with other gym rats nearby;

  • An integrated messaging system allowing people chat directly within their profiles;

  • Easy access to profile photos and information without having scroll through pages of text;

  • Personalized notifications letting members know when new matches appear based on their preferences.

Of course these are just speculations at this point – but hopefully something like this will come into fruition sooner rather than later because let’s face it…finding love shouldn’t mean sacrificing convenience! Until then however…you’ll still need your laptop or desktop computer if you want make use of everything that FitnessSingles has offer its members right now

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site that caters to those who are into fitness, then Fitness Singles is worth checking out. It offers users the chance to connect with other people who share similar interests and goals when it comes to health and exercise. But how does this site stack up against its competitors? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Fitness Singles stand out from the rest!

The profiles on Fitness Singles are public, meaning anyone can view them without signing up or paying any fees. You can also set your own custom bio which allows you to give potential matches an idea of what kind of person you are outside of just being interested in fitness activities. The location info provided by each user profile includes their city/state as well as country so if privacy is important for you there may be some concerns here since it’s quite easy for someone else viewing your profile page could figure out where exactly they live based off these details alone (although I suppose if needed one could always hide their exact address). There isn’t really any indication given about distance between two users but thankfully all communication happens through private messages so unless both parties agree upon exchanging contact information no one has access anyway – phew!

Premium memberships do offer some benefits such as more detailed search options and unlimited messaging capabilities however most features remain free even without upgrading – something that not many other sites allow nowadays unfortunately…so props go out there too!. In terms of fake profiles I didn’t come across anything suspicious during my time using the service although like every online platform these days scammers will try their luck regardless – just remember never send money or personal information over emails etc..!

All things considered, while perhaps not being ‘the bee’s knees’ compared with larger players in the market such as Match or eHarmony; overall FitnessSingles still manages provide an adequate way for singles seeking partners with shared interest in physical activity get together safely. So why don’t ya check it yourself?

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site that caters to those who are into fitness, then Fitness Singles is the way to go. It’s an okay option but not necessarily the best one out there. That being said, I decided to take a look at their support system and see how it holds up in comparison with other sites.

To access support on Fitness Singles, users can reach out via email or use their contact form found under "Help & Support" located at the bottom of each page onsite. Unfortunately though response time isn’t always speedy – I contacted them twice during my review process and both times it took several days before they got back to me – so don’t expect instant gratification here! There also doesn’t appear to be any sort of FAQ section which could make finding answers more difficult if you have basic questions about using the website or your account settings etc…

That all being said however customer service reps were friendly enough when responding and seemed knowledgeable about what was going on behind-the-scenes (even if they did take forever getting back). So while some may find this frustratingly slow pace unacceptable others might just roll with it since hey – Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Just keep that in mind as you consider whether signing up for this particular online dating platform is worth your time investment or not…

Fitness Singles features

Ah, Fitness Singles. It’s the dating site for people who want to find someone with a passion for fitness and an active lifestyle – but is it really worth your time? Well, let me break it down for you.

Fitness Singles offers both free and paid features that can help users meet potential matches. The free version allows members to create profiles, search other user’s profiles using various criteria such as age or location; send winks; add up to 26 photos in their profile page; view member videos (paid feature); receive daily match suggestions based on their preferences; use the “Let’s Meet” game which shows two pictures of random members side by side and asks if they would like them as a date or not – this helps narrow down possible matches quickly without having to manually go through each one individually!
For those looking into taking things further than just flirting online there are some unique features available too: private chat rooms where only approved friends can join in on conversations (great way of keeping out any creeps!), video introductions so others get an idea about what kind of person you are before meeting face-to-face – plus many more! As far as pricing goes there isn’t much difference between the plans offered here compared with other sites so no need worry about being overcharged either.

Overall I’d say Fitness Singles is okay but definitely not my top pick when it comes finding love online – although I’m sure plenty have had success here so don’t take my word alone! If nothing else though at least give its ‘Let’s Meet’ game a try because hey why not?!

  • Ability to search for matches based on fitness interests
  • Ability to upload multiple photos and create a profile
  • Free membership with limited access to features
  • Ability to connect with other members through messaging, winks, and likes
  • Private photo albums and online chat rooms


Fitness Singles isn’t exactly the cheapest dating site out there, but it’s not super expensive either. It has a range of pricing options depending on how long you want to commit for – from one month all the way up to 12 months. If you’re looking for something short-term then this might be more than what you need, and if that’s the case then maybe look elsewhere! But if your goal is finding someone special with whom to share your active lifestyle in the long run, then investing in Fitness Singles could definitely pay off.

The good news is that their prices are pretty competitive compared to other similar sites; plus they offer discounts when signing up for longer periods so keep an eye out for those deals! Plus getting a paid subscription means access to additional features like being able see who viewed or liked your profile as well as having priority customer service support which can come in handy at times. So while Fitness Singles may not be free (sorry!), its reasonable rates make it worth considering – especially since no one wants cheap love anyway right?

Plan Price Features
Basic $14.99/month Search, View Profiles, Send Winks
Total Connect $19.99/month All Basic Features, Email Read Notification, Message Ideas
Premier $29.99/month All Total Connect Features, Secure Call, Receive & Reply to Messages

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to Fitness Singles include Match.com, eHarmony, and OkCupid – all of which are dating sites specifically tailored towards singles who have an interest in fitness or health-related activities. Additionally, there are other more general online dating websites such as PlentyOfFish that may be suitable for those looking for a partner with similar interests in physical activity and wellness.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those looking to date someone who is passionate about fitness and health
  • Best for individuals seeking a partner with similar interests in physical activity
  • Best for people interested in finding an active, healthy lifestyle companion


1. Is Fitness Singles legit?

Yes, Fitness Singles is a legit dating site. It’s an okay choice if you’re looking for someone who shares your interest in fitness and health. However, there are other sites out there that may be better suited to what you’re looking for.

2. Is Fitness Singles safe?

Fitness Singles is generally a safe dating site, but it’s not the most secure option out there. It has some good features to protect users’ safety and privacy, but you should still be careful when using any online dating platform. Overall, Fitness Singles can be an okay choice for finding someone who shares your interests in fitness activities.

3. How can I know that the profiles on Fitness Singles are real?

Fitness Singles is a decent dating site, but it’s not the best option out there. You can look for signs that profiles are real like having multiple photos and detailed information about their interests. However, you should always be cautious when talking to people online as some may not be who they say they are.

4. How to cancel subscription on Fitness Singles?

Cancelling a subscription on Fitness Singles is relatively straightforward, but it’s not the best dating site out there. You can easily cancel your membership by going to their website and following the instructions in their FAQ section. It’s worth noting that you may be able to find better options for online dating elsewhere.

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